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A conveyor belt repair system that is specifically formulated for rapid cure time and aggressive adhesion. Excellent abrasion resistance allows for long-lasting repairs, giving dramatic increases to conveyor belt service life. RubberLoc is an excellent product that provides users with significant Benefits and Cost Savings especially in these times when everyone is looking at reducing costs and maximising their productivity and efficiency.

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Considerable Cost Reductions through

  • Reduced conveyor downtime
  • Extremely fast curing time. Conveyor can be restarted 1 hour after application no matter the thickness of the belt.
  • Fix right first time
  • Long lasting repairs
  • Simple application process
  • Less damage to scrapers

RubberLoc Performance

  • Permanent repair system not a temporary patch
  • Superior adhesion compared to competitors
  • Excellent elasticity >400%
  • Rubberloc doesn’t crystallize, crack or peel
  • Faster more cost effective method of repairing belt damage
  • 18 month shelf life
  • Ready to use kits


  • Cures Hardness Shore A, 76-85
  • Tensile Strength, 6895 PSI
  • Elongation, 470%
  • 100% Modulus, 1176 PSI
  • Tear Strength, D470 – PLI142
  • Tear Strength, DIECV – PLI
  • Acid Resistance, 5%

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