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Who we are

We scratch, build and play together

Our high quality products have achieved significant inroads as they provide users with significant Benefits and Cost Savings, especially in these times when everyone is looking at reducing costs and gaining productivity efficiencies. The products we distribute have been proven to withstand the tests of the harshest environments and are therefore robust, strong, reliable and durable.

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Customer Service

  • We provide our products and services through a network of experienced partners in key regions.

Customer benefits

  • We assist you in improving your bottom line.

Our Products

  • Are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the most stringent standards.
  • Help you improve your bottom line.
  • Are supported by a network of partners in key regions.

Our Partners

What We Do?

  • Rokris International are a distributor of world class innovative products for the Mining industry. Product that make a difference in the real world.
  • We have invested years of research into Australian and American manufacturers so you don’t have to. Ultimately, we have developed affiliations with only the few that meet the most stringent Mining standards, and who provide a significant competitive advantage to our customers.

Engineering Excellence

  • Our range of products is designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the most stringent of standards.

Our Products


FUSE – This conveyor belt repair system is specifically formulated to be fire resistant and is a...

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The Hosepatch clamp and joiner is a temporary fix as either a low-pressure patch, or as a joiner t...

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RAPP-IT is a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly. It is so simple...

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A conveyor belt repair system that is specifically formulated for rapid cure time and aggressive a...

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Innovative Solutions Is The Foundation Of Everything We Do

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