Take a closer look at The World’s First Bolted Modular Body. A truly revolutionary solution that will surpass the most difficult obstacles. From design to manufacturing and beyond, we’ve got you covered. A true innovation.

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BTB was designed to not only withstand the harshest mining environments, but to be the sharpest in the market. By eradicating obstacles that conventional trays cannot overcome, BTB was engineered to save on time, money and to be tough!

BTB’s unique “Modular” structure can be easily transported in parts in containers. This means, no more costly permits! Making it by far, more cost effective. It’s 7 part mechanism can be easily assembled on site in only two days without welding or oxy cutting and can be easily disassembled and repaired on site due to spare parts availability.

BTB’s aerodynamic body design challenges the status quo in these economic times by providing a greater reduction in relative fuel use. Designing a tray of this calibre, maximises on payload, improves operational efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and significantly improves return on investment.

Unique Bolted Body

BTB’s unique bolted Modular mechanism has interchangeable operational parts, allowing for significant cost reduction in Transportation, Assembly, and Maintenance costs. Our part replacement program provides the Ultimate Convenience by reducing maintenance costs and tray downtime.

Interchangeable Parts

Operational parts are interchangeable 90% risk exposure reduction in maintenance due to the design Savings of up to 40% of maintenance cost Increase of 80% availability of the asset Low staffing in maintainability. Takes two people two days to assemble on site.

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Worlds 1st Bolted Truck Body

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Cost effective to Maintain
  • Customisable
  • Container transportation
  • No need for wide loads
  • No need for escorts or special permits
  • 0% Road disturbance
  • 0% Damage to traffic lights, signs and environment whilst in transit
  • Safer, more efficient and cost effective to transport
  • BTB – Bolted Truck Body has been engineered in an “S” aerodynamic shape in order to avoid material accumulation in the upper surface and minimise spillage.
  • BTB has a modified angle chassis in order to reduce spillage. Curved sides to keep the load at an idle state generating an optimal load distribution in front and rear axes.
  • BTB is considerably lighter than the competition. Lighter body guarantees a superior load volume and its elasticity takes less time to unload. Making it into a much more sustainable body.
  • Having a light weight body allows for a targeted greater payload. When empty the BTB lightweight body decreases wear on tyres, joints, breaks and offcoarse uses less fuel.

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